About Viva! Uganda

Welcome to Viva! Uganda! We are a non-profit organisation passionate about advocating for LIFE. Viva! means ‘long live!’ and is a celebratory expression all over the world, meaning “Have a good long life”.  And that is what we want for people and animals alike. Of course, for us all to have a good long life, we need a healthy planet! We work on all these issues.

Viva! Uganda’s call is Be Kind to All Kind.

We explore the consequences of what we eat – on farmed and wild animals, on our planet and on us. 

We help people change their diet to be kind to all kind. Viva! supports compassionate education of children, women’s empowerment and the sustainable growing of food.

Viva! was founded in the UK in 1994, and subsequently Poland and Uganda, by Juliet Gellatley, and we are now a movement of people working together for more than 30 years creating a humane and more sustainable world for people and all animals. 

Viva! works on several fronts to help ensure we all have a future.

Viva! People

Viva! People

Education is key to giving people hope, to securing good work, to understanding the world and how it works and our impact on it. It is also key to creating a better future. Viva! works on projects that help children’s education and women’s empowerment. We also run projects that help feed children healthily and grow their understanding of good nutrition.

Viva! Animals

Viva! provides fascinating information on all the animals exploited for food and other uses, as well as the wildlife we share Uganda with. We campaign against cruelty to animals and encourage respect for life.

Viva! Planet

Viva! explains why animal farming is the driving force behind so many of the world’s biggest environmental problems. We also explore the solutions including helping people grow plant foods sustainably.

Viva! Health

Viva! Health

Viva! has scientists and nutritionists showing us why we are what we eat! Viva! shows the links between meat and dairy and ill-health; but also explains why varied plant-based diets protect us. 

Eat Well

Viva! Eat Well

Viva! encourages people to eat well to be well. We want you to enjoy plant-based foods fit for kings and queens but easy for everyone to cook! We will bring you delicious recipes that we hope you love!