There are over 24 billion chickens in the world – more than three birds for every one person. Sadly, almost all of these chickens are confined to factory farms where they are grown for meat (broiler chickens), or kept to produce eggs (egg-laying hens). Regardless of the reason they are farmed, they all face terrible cruelty in their short lives. Broiler chickens are bred to grow far too fast, which causes many health problems for the bird. Egg-laying hens are subjected to mutilations and killed as soon as they stop laying enough eggs. 

  • white broiler chicken close up

    Broiler chickens

    Broiler chickens in Uganda are typically slaughtered at just 5 to 7 weeks of age. Although still babies, they are the size of obese adults due to being made to…

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  • red hen closeup

    Egg-laying hens

    Egg-laying hens face many challenges in Uganda. From poor housing, inadequate nutrition and an increased risk of disease and injury.

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