Project Kindheart

Project Kindheart is an ambitious school-based initiative run locally by Viva! Uganda staff and volunteers. We educate Ugandan school children on vital issues such as protecting our planet, being kind to animals, understanding and saving wildlife and promoting plant-based health. Project Kindheart is laying the foundations of change for the next generation. In its first phase we aimed to reach 20 schools throughout the Kabale district of Uganda, however we exceeded this and reached 30 schools: 18 secondary, 11 primary and one vocational school. We engaged with over 11,000 students, allowing us to educate and spread awareness on vital topics for all of our future.

These talks and activities run by our Viva! Uganda team have been a great success, with post-project evaluations showing an increase in interest and awareness of these key issues amongst the children. The compassionate talks allowed the children to freely express their empathy for the animals and environment, showcasing a positive shift in the mindset of the students. In addition to this, Project Kindheart was able to integrate animal welfare and environmental conservation into the curriculums of schools that were engaged with, allowing for these topics to be explored further and helping to engrain these issues into the school culture of Uganda.

Community involvement also plays a large part in Project Kindheart, with community engagement events allowing for animal conservation and veganism to spread beyond the boundaries of the schools, to include a diverse range of people from the local community.

Project Kindheart started as a six-month initiative throughout the Kabale district, however due to its rapid success we are continuing it throughout the country, with the nation’s capital, Kampala, underway. The project is collaborating with 40 schools throughout Kampala, reaching a further 15,000 students. With continued success we plan on weaving empathy and kindness towards animals and respect for our environment throughout the education system in Kampala and greater Uganda.

Ultimately, Project Kindheart is nurturing just that! Kind hearts in children who often naturally want to care for animals and their world; to combat the climate crisis and wildlife extinctions. To understand how diet impacts on our health. With Projects such as Kindheart we have a chance to change the dangerous trajectory the world is on. And with Uganda being home to some of the world’s most precious and unique wildlife, it is imperative that it is protected from within, before it’s too late.