Why plant-based or vegan for your health?

The cornerstones of a healthy diet are fruit and vegetables, wholegrains (millet, sorghum, rice, wheat, oats etc), pulses (peas, beans, lentils), nuts and seeds. And these are the basics of a healthy vegan diet.

A varied vegan diet contains no bad cholesterol, plenty of fibre, healthy carbs, ‘good’ fats and protein, a wide range of health-protecting vitamins (antioxidants) and other essential nutrients. This super-nutrient package helps to:

  • lower your blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol – and can return it to normal
  • lower your risk of heart disease – and can even reverse it
  • lower your risk of type 2 diabetes – or help you treat it and get off medications
  • lower your risk of cancer – vegans have up to 20 per cent lower risk
  • make it easier to achieve a healthy weight – whilst eating plenty of food!