Farmed animals


Few animals on the planet have a harder life than farmed animals. Often deprived of dignity, space and the ability to behave naturally, farmed animals have short lives full of suffering. As the wealthier population of Uganda grows, so does their demand for meat and milk products. Farming in Uganda is intensifying with the growth of factory farms where animals are crammed in their thousands in filthy, unhygienic and inhumane hellholes. All this suffering can be avoided by choosing vegan.

  • sow in field


    A Viva! inspection of a pig farm in Uganda in 2023 found that pigs were undernourished and permanently confined on concrete floored pens.

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  • white broiler chicken close up

    Broiler chickens

    Broiler chickens in Uganda are typically slaughtered at just 5 to 7 weeks of age. Although still babies, they are the size of obese adults due to being made to…

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  • red hen closeup

    Egg-laying hens

    Egg-laying hens face many challenges in Uganda. From poor housing, inadequate nutrition and an increased risk of disease and injury.

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  • mountain goat looking at camera


    Whether kept on a small family farm or in an intensive system, goats farmed for milk and meat face abhorrent cruelty in their short lives.

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  • close up of cow's eye

    Beef cattle

    Around 25 per cent of Uganda’s population farms cows for beef on some scale and beef farming occurs across the entire country.

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  • dairy cow

    Dairy cows

    There are an estimated 14.7 million dairy cows in Uganda, a number that trebled between 2000 and 2016.

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