John Joseph – Cro-Mags

Photo by David Barnas

New York punk and ultraman John Joseph proves tough men can thrive on a plant-based diet.

Matt Pritchard

Pro skateboarder, TV personality, celebrity cook and endurance athlete Matt Pritchard went vegan after watching Cowspiracy.

David Haye

Photo credit: Twitter

World championship boxer David Haye became vegan to improve athletic recovery and after seeing the horrible treatment of farmed animals.

Victoria Pendleton

Wikimedia Commons

Former Olympic cycling champion Victoria Pendleton adopted a plant-based diet for the animals and the environment.

Jodie Marsh

Photo credit: Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh went vegetarian at the age of five because she couldn’t see a difference between her companion animals and farmed animals.

Hellah Sidibe

In 2021, Hellah Sidibe became the first Black man to run across the US… and he did it completely powered by plants.

Lisa Gawthorne

Photo by Lisa Gawthorne

Lisa Gawthorne is a British athlete, entrepreneur and author. And a total vegan inspiration!

Derek Simnett

Photo by Vegan Food & Living

Derek SImnett is a Canadian fitness influencer, body builder and Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

Steph Davis

Credit: Wikipedia Commons.

Steph is one of the best climbers in the world and has been vegan since 2003. It’s an ethic she’s not letting go of.