Traditional foods from the gardens of Uganda

Many traditional foods from Uganda are very healthy – and plant-based. They include posho, groundnuts (peanuts), kikomando served with fried beans, matoke served with beans or groundnuts, sim sim and malewa. Delicious snacks include plant-based rolex (chapati filled with onions, cabbage, kale, tomatoes etc), vegetable samosas and roasted groundnuts. The simplest dessert – fresh fruits –… Continue reading Traditional foods from the gardens of Uganda

Travelling the plant-based road

Definitions of diets Any steps we can take to go towards being plant-based or vegan are good ones. Plant-based or vegan People who eat 100% plant-based or vegan foods avoid eating land animals (meat, dairy, eggs) and avoid eating water animals (fish, lobsters etc). Vegans also avoid cruelty to animals. Vegetarian People who are vegetarian don’t… Continue reading Travelling the plant-based road

Is veganism better for health?

The short answer is – yes! We have detailed information in our Incredible Vegan Health Report. Here’s a snapshot: Plant-based foods, are more protective than animal food groups against chronic diet-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, kidney and liver disorders and cancers. Fardet, A. and Boirie, Y. 2014. Associations between food and beverage groups… Continue reading Is veganism better for health?

Is veganism better for our planet?

A huge body of evidence supports a global shift to vegan diets to save the planet. Here are some of the highlights taken from our Envirocidal report. 75% of the world’s agricultural land is used for raising animals – this includes animal feed, pasture and grazing. Foley J. A. et al. 2011. Solutions for a cultivated planet. Nature.… Continue reading Is veganism better for our planet?