Amy Soranno

Photo: Nick Schafer

Amy Soranno is a Canadian animal rights activist who, according to her Twitter bio, is “an advocate for collective liberation through strategic activism. Challenging animal ag & the systems that exploit animals, humans and the planet.”1Twitter. 2021. Amy Soranno. Available: [Accessed 4 November 2021].

Soranno has been part of the “Meat the Victims” movement which started in Australia. A main tactic used by the group involves mass invasions and sit-ins of animal farms.  After horrendous footage was released of a pig farm in the Canadian province of British Colombia, Amy, along with hundreds of other activists descended on the farm to stage a protest against the barbaric conditions in which the pigs were being kept. Ultimately, Amy and three other activists were charged with offences including breaking and entering and criminal mischief. They are now known as The Excelsior 2021. The Excelsior 4. Available: [Accessed 4 November 2021].

As well as her activism with Meat the Victims, Soranno has campaigned against the Canadian fur trade and turkey farms, and has been affiliated with the Animal Save Movement and Direct Action Everywhere. She has also given talks and performed workshops at animal rights events and conferences.

Even if all the current welfare laws were enforced, farmed animals would still endure the kind of routine horrors that would result in prison sentences if the victims were cats or dogs. The best and easiest thing we can do to protect animals is simply leave them off our plates.3Soranno, A. 2021. Twitter Status. Available: [Accessed 4 November 2021].