Tiphaine Lagarde

Photo: Défense animale

Tiphaine Lagarde is a French anti-speciesist activist. She co-founded and is the co-president of 269 Animal Liberation (269 Liberation Animale in French).

Tiphaine became a vegetarian at the age of 15, before going vegan.

269 Animal Liberation focuses on direct action, such as blockading slaughterhouses – for which Tiphaine received a three-month suspended sentence.

The 269 movement was inspired by calf 269. According to their website:

“The French collective 269 ​​Life France was born to echo an Israeli movement, which we hope will be major in the history of the fight for animal rights. On October 2, 2012, in order to denounce the exploitation of other animals by humans, 3 activists had the number 269 branded with a hot iron in a public square. This branding with a hot iron: a voluntary gesture of solidarity for a calf encountered on an industrial farm, which bore this number: 269.”1269 Life France. 2021. The official 269 Life France association. Available: https://www-269life–france-com.translate.goog/en/lassociation-269-life-france/?_x_tr_sl=fr&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc [Accessed 2 November 2021].

However, the Israeli movement has received criticism from vegan feminists for being problematic in its representation of violence against women and maintaining racist hierarchies.2Vegan Feminist Networ. 2015. What’s Wrong with the Israeli Animal Rights Movement, 269? Available: https://veganfeministnetwork.com/269life/ [Accessed 2 November 2021].

By interposing itself between the knives and the victims, # 269LA invents a new form of self-defense ‘for others’ and breaks this speciesist dividing line between bodies worthy of being defended and those who, disarmed or made indefensible, are left behind. defenseless.3Lagarde, T. 2018. Twitter status. Available: https://twitter.com/Tiphaine_269LA/status/966348191997284352 [Accessed 2 November 2021].