Tom Ford

Photo: Nicolas Genin

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and acclaimed filmmaker. Both his films A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals, which he wrote and directed, were nominated for many awards, including Oscars. In the fashion world, Ford was creative director for Yves Saint Lauren and Gucci before launching his own label.

Ford became a vegan in 2017 after watching the documentary, What the Health.1Dacre, K. 2021. Tom Ford: ‘I paid $90,000 for my own dress. The clothes we make are not meant to be thrown away’. Guardian. Available: [Accessed 12 November 2021]. In addition to realising that we just don’t need to eat meat, Ford was also inspired to think more about the environmental footprint of fashion. As an advocate of manufacturing environmentally friendly clothes, he was given the Green Carpet Fashion Award in 2017.2Wenn. 2017. Tom Ford adopted vegan diet after watching health documentary. Available: [Accessed 12 November 2021].

However, although Tom Ford himself is vegan, the cosmetics sold under the name Tom Ford Beauty are not. According to Ethical Elephant, “Tom Ford Beauty states they don’t test on animals but if a regulatory body demands it, an exception can be made” – and it is, so that they can sell their products in 2021. Is Tom Ford Cruelty-Free and Vegan? Available: [Accessed 12 November 2021].

Since going vegan in 2017, Ford has taken steps to phase out animal products in his fashion line yet still uses leather and down which come from animals raised for food, under the false assumption that these are by-products.4Munzenrieder, M. 2018. Tom Ford Reveals He Is Vegan, and Is Now Conflicted About Fur. WMagazine. Available: [Accessed 12 November 2021]. He has, however, introduced the fashion world to faux crocodile leather.5 Let’s hope that before long, all his fashion becomes inline with his own ethics and relinquishes animal products from its repertoire.

When you look at how most of our meat, our animal products, are raised, from a health standpoint, I didn’t feel that I should eat those things anymore.5VeganLife. 2018. Vegan Designer Tom Ford Showcases Cruelty Free Crocodile Leather. Available: [Accessed 12 November 2021].