Oli Sykes

Photo credit: Bellasnowdon

Oli Sykes is the lead singer of British rock band Bring Me The Horizon and founder of a clothing company, Drop Dead Clothing.

Sykes became a vegetarian in 2004 after seeing a video about animal cruelty1Kerrang. 2008. Oli Sykes joins animal rights campaign. Available: https://web.archive.org/web/20131105210441/http://www.kerrang.com/blog/2008/10/oli_sykes_joins_animal_rights.html [Accessed 9 September 2021]. and then began transitioning to veganism around 2013 for health reasons.2Fry Family Foods. 2017. Why I Went Vegan. Available: http://fryfamilyfood.com/de/wheniwentvegan/ [Accessed 9 September 2021]. He became the face of Peta2 and designed a t-shirt for them with the slogan ‘Meat Sucks’.

When I saw how animals are tortured on factory farms, I couldn’t justify being a part of that cruelty.

I became vegan for health reasons more than anything. I read a book (called Skinny bitch terrible title, but great book) that dissected meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, everything, and it just made me feel sick to my stomach. The fact that we are the only creatures on earth that drink milk after being babies, not to mention another species’ milk, for no good reason whatsoever (and before you say calcium, go read about it) well it opened my eyes a bit.