Eric Adams

eric adams
Photo: Getty Images

Eric Adams is an American politican, a former police officer and now the mayor of New York City and 18th borough president of Brooklyn. He is, however, the city’s first vegan mayor.

Adams is a big proponent of plant-based diets after he used one to reverse his type-2 diabetes and restore his sight after suffering from vision loss.1Baker, E. 2021. BREAKING: New York City Welcomes 1st Ever Vegan Mayor Eric Adams. Available: [Accessed 9 November 2021]. He therefore encourages citizens to adopt a plant-based diet and healthier habits. The Office of the Brooklyn Borough President even launched a plant-based nutrition page on its website with links to resources encouraging vegan and plant-based lifestyles.2The Office of the Brooklyn Borough President. 2021. Resources for Eating a Plant-Based Diet in Brooklyn. Available: [Accessed 9 November 2021]. He believe access to health-promoting food is a human right.

Disease isn’t in our DNA. It’s in our 2021. Eric Adams. Available: [Accessed 9 November 2021].