Colin Mace

Photo credit: Booja-Booja

Colin Mace is a British businessman and the founder of Booja-Booja, which makes multi-award winning truffles and ice cream – all suitable for vegans of course!

Colin wanted to make a range of delicious treats with minimal ingredients, all organic and free from animal products. So he launched Booja-Booja in 1999 with their first range of truffles. Within the same year, they won their first award for the hazelnut crunch flavour.

Booja-Booja’s truffles went down a treat and over the last 20 plus years, they’ve developed an incredible range of high quality, mouth-wateringly indulgent products.

Following the success of their ice cream, Booja-Booja launched Booja Events in 2017, a mobile ice cream van to cater to festivals and other events. If you spot a cute, pink ice cream van out and about on a hot summer’s day, you know you’re in for something special.

The idea is a simple one: amazingly delicious sweet treats can be made from a small number of simple organic ingredients without using animal products. When we began in 1999 this idea was radical, fantastical. Nothing like that existed. Apart from in the hopes and dreams of a few vegans across the land.1Booja Booja. 2021. The Essence of Booja-Booja. Available: [Accessed 28 September 2021].