Robbie Lockie

Photo credit: Plant Based News

As the co-founder and director of Plant Based News, Robbie Lockie is an influential figure within the vegan world. Robbie and Klaus Mitchell created Plant Based News in 2017 and it has since become one of the world’s leading sources of… you guessed it… plant-based news.

Robbie grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa, and started a career in digital design before relocating to London, England in 2000. They have produced a number of Viva!’s campaign videos including Swineabout antibiotic-resistant superbugs on factory farmsand The Dairy Industry’s… TRASH.

In 2013, after experiencing health problems, Robbie decided to try a plant-based diet. The switch positively impacted Robbie’s health enabling them “to live a more vibrant life”1 but also opened their eyes to the suffering of farmed animals.

Through all their valuable work, Robbie draws attention to the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for the animals, the environment and our health and disseminates much needed information that the mainstream media often chooses to ignore.

I went vegan after a series of health problems. I began exploring diet and the affect on the body and this resulted in discovering the plant-based and vegan lifestyle. I watched Food Inc, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead as well as Earthlings, the documentary. This film was the final reason, it helped unlock the realisation that humanity has inflicted the most unspeakable horrors on our animal cousins and that I no longer wished to play a part in it.1Calder, A. 2020. Robbie Lockie Interview. Available: [Accessed 16 September 2021].