Simeon Van der Molen

Photo credit: Moving Mountains

Simeon Van der Molen is a British entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Moving Mountains Food, who gave the UK its first ‘bleeding’ plant-based burger.

Prior to creating Moving Mountains, Simeon already had experience in the eco-world as he had founded Ecozone – an ethical cleaning product line.

In 2014, Simeon was diagnosed with high cholesterol. He was told to either cut out meat and dairy or go on statins. Rather than take medication, Simeon wanted to address his health using diet but wasn’t impressed by the current meat alternatives on the market. He therefore embarked on creating the perfect meat-free burger.1Moving Mountains. 2021. Our Story. Available: [Accessed 21 September 2021]. Two years later the bleeding B12 Burger was created, soon to be followed by the Hot Dog and Sausage.

On his Linked In profile, Simeon confirms that he follows “a plant-based diet and [is] a lifelong passionate supporter of all animal and environmental issues.”2Van der Molen, S. 2021. Simeon Van der Molen. Linked In. Available: [Accessed 21 September 2021].

Our mission is to bring real, radical change to people’s everyday diets by offering plant-based meat that requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than animal meat.3Malin, A. 2021. About Time You Met: Simeon Van der Molen, FOunder of Moving Mountains. About Time Magazine. Available: [Accessed 21 September 2021].