Doug Lisle

Dr Doug Lisle has been the clinical psychologist at the TrueNorth Health Center in California for over 30 years and has a PhD in clinical psychology. Dr Lisle lectures nationally to health professionals on topics including evolutionary psychology, cognitive therapy, lifestyle modification, relaxation and stress management, and weight loss.1TrueNorth Health Center. 2022. Doug Lisle, Ph.D. Available: [Accessed 26 January 2022].

Dr Lisle co-authored The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness and like Drs Caldwell and McDougall, Lisle recommends a high starch wholefood plant-based diet, based on the best nutrition science.

Although Dr Lisle recognises that the human species evolved as an opportunistic omnivore, eating whatever it could get in its locality, which included meat, that doesn’t mean it’s the best diet or the one we need to follow today.2Chef AJ. 2021. What Is The Best Diet: Raw Fruits & Veggies or Cooked Starches? | Chef AJ LIVE! with Doug Lisle. VideoAvailable: [Accessed 26 January 2022].

Nearly all weight problems are resolvable through the adoption of a diet derived from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. If you are currently overweight, it is not necessary to utilize restraint on portion size, only on portion content.3Goldhamer, A. & Lisle, D. 2006. The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness. Healthy Living Publications.