Dr Angie Sadeghi

Photo: Switch4Good

Dr Angie Sadeghi is an American physician and specialist in gastroenterology and weight loss. Through her own personal experience, she discovered a plant-based diet was great for maintaining a healthy weight.

Sadeghi became a vegetarian in 2005 after having lunch with a vegetarian friend. Their conversation helped Dr Sadeghi make the connection between the animals on her plate and her companion dog who she loved. Then in 2014 she attended a seminar at which she learnt about the deleterious effects of dairy on weight management. As someone who was struggling to control her weight, she decided to ditch dairy products and see what happened. Eight months later, Dr Sadeghi was in the best shape of her life.

Dr Sadeghi now spends her time educating patients about how a plant-based diet can reverse and prevent disease. She is also a fitness fanatic and competed in two body building competitions in 2015.

I always joke to my patients that if it wasn’t because of the meat and dairy industry, I would be out of practice. There would be so few colon cancers in the world that we would probably not need to perform screening colonoscopies anymore. There would be so few patients with IBS, that it would probably cut down on half of all GI visits. There would be so few patients with gut bacterial imbalance that probiotic pills would never even exist. And of course last but not least, there would be no lactose intolerance which is the most common cause of diarrhea in this country.1Riseofthevegan.com. 2017. How Going Vegan Completely Transformed This Doctor’s Life [Dr. Angie Sadeghi Interview]. Available: https://www.riseofthevegan.com/blog/interview-with-dr-angie-sadeghi-doctor-and-fitness-competitor [Accessed 6 January 2022].