Dr Danielle Belardo

Photo: Twitter

Dr Danielle Belardo is a Preventive Cardiologist in Newport Beach California. She earned her medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine, then completed her three year Internal Medicine Residency at Temple University Hospital where she became board certified in Internal Medicine in 2017. Dr Belardo completed her three year Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease at Lankenau Heart Institute in 2020. She is dedicated to being a cardiologist that in addition to traditional medicine, focuses on lifestyle modification, and evidence based nutrition, in order to prevent heart disease.1 She also hosts the Nutrition Rounds podcast.

Dr Belardo is vegan for ethical reasons but also promotes a wholefood plant-based diet. Her website offers a plant-based patient handout with suggested foods and serving sizes.

Going vegan is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle about reducing harm to animals in all ways practical and possible. I believe in not eating animal products, I don’t wear leather, or buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals.1Belardo, D. 2020. Danielle Belardo, M.D. Available: https://www.daniellebelardomd.com/about [Accessed 25 November 2021].

Eating a plant-based diet is a healthful dietary pattern I recommend.2Emily, B. 2021. ‘You Don’t Have To Follow 100% Plant-Based Diet For Ideal Health’, Says Vegan Doctor. Available: https://plantbasednews.org/lifestyle/health/vegan-doctor-criticized-online/ [Accessed 25 November 2021].