Dr Neal Barnard

Dr Barnard being interviewed at Vegan Campout for the Viva! Vegan Podcast

Dr Neal Barnard is an American doctor, an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., and Founder and President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). In other words he’s a giant in the field of plant-based medicine.

According to the PCRM’s website, “Dr. Barnard has led numerous research studies investigating the effects of diet on diabetes, body weight, and chronic pain, including a groundbreaking study of dietary interventions in type 2 diabetes, funded by the National Institutes of Health, that paved the way for viewing type 2 diabetes as a potentially reversible condition for many patients. Dr. Barnard has authored more than 100 scientific publications and 20 books for medical and lay readers, and is the editor in chief of the Nutrition Guide for Clinicians, a textbook made available to all U.S. medical students.”1Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 2022. Neal Barnard, MD, FACC. Available: https://www.pcrm.org/about-us/staff/neal-barnard-md-facc [Accessed 6 January 2022].

Dr Barnard has appeared on many podcasts promoting a plant-based diet including the Rich Roll Podcast and Viva’s very own Vegan Podcast.

A plant-based diet is a powerful tool for preventing, managing, and even reversing type 2 diabetes. It’s the most delicious ‘prescription,’ and unlike other diets, there’s no calorie or carb counting. Plus, all the ‘side effects’ are good ones!2Barnard, N. 2021. Twitter post. Available: https://twitter.com/DrNealBarnard/status/1460354781332054018 [Accessed 6 January 2022].