Dr Michael Klaper

Photo: doctorklaper.com

Dr Michael Klaper is a vegan doctor who strongly believes most of the diseases afflicting people in the west can be prevented with a plant-based diet.

Dr Garth Davis

Photo: Forks Over Knives

Not only a weight-loss specialist, Dr Garth Davis is also a vegan ultra-marathon runner and Ironman triathlete.

Albert Einstein

Nobel Prize winner regarded as the father of modern physics & the most influential physicist of the 20th century. He was also a firm believer in animal rights.

Dr Angie Sadeghi

Photo: Switch4Good

Dr Angie Sadeghi is a vegan gastroenterologist and fitness fanatic.

Dr Kim Williams

Photo: YouTube

Kim Williams is a vegan cardiologist who recommends a plant-based diet to his patients.

Dr T. Colin Campbell

Photo: Twitter

Dr T. Colin Campbell wrote arguably the most influential book on plant-based nutrition: The China Study.

Dr Brooke Goldner

Dr Brooke Goldner healed her lupus with a high-raw, wholefood plant-based diet and now helps others do the same.

Dr Pamela Popper

Photo: drpampopper.com

Dr Pamela Popper is a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in nutrition. She recommends a wholefood plant-based diet.

Dr Vivian Chen

Photo: Switch4Good

Dr Vivian Chen is a UK trained medical doctor who coaches non-toxic living.